Forgotten lunches

Yesterday morning was not my most stellar Mommy morning.  I like to think that in the last two years of being a mommy that I have come up with a system for doing mornings.  I have a list that I follow in my head, which must be followed correctly in order to not throw off the rhythm of the entire day.

Yesterday I got up at 6:30 as per usual, and set out to attempt to be stellar once again.  I got everyone up, got their breakfast, got them dressed, teeth were brushed and cool hairstyles were coiffed.  All was well, and I was patting myself on the back as I raced them to get their shoes on to catch the bus, which was whizzing past to go to the stop.  There was still time to meet it.

Then I realize that I had not made lunches.  In the flurry of the morning, Kaitlyn had asked me to get her something from the basement, and I had been thrown off my rhythm.  I had totally forgotten that I was in the midst of lunch prep and had carried on with everything else.  

So, as I often do, I started to kick myself in the pants.  “Why can’t I be like those other normal mothers who get everyone out the door with a healthy lunch?  Am I ever going to get this right?”

I kept the boys with me while I finished the lunches and the bus whizzed away.  I gathered them into the van and sped off to school to send them to their teachers.  At least they were getting to school on time, lunches in hand.  Maybe tomorrow I will get it right.

Then it happened.  Daniel, the 5 year old, latched onto my leg.  “Nope,” he said.

“Nope what?”  I asked him.

“Nope.  Not leaving.”

“Well, Dan, I have to go to a meeting.  I need to go home and get ready.”

“Nope.  I’m coming too.  I don’t yont to go to school.”  Then he proceeded to throw an absolute tantrum, throwing himself onto the ground and going limp like a dead fish whenever I or the teacher tried to pick him up.  Eventually the teacher had to pry him off of me and take him, kicking and screaming, into the school.  It was quite a scene.

As I walked away, hearing the sound of “MAAAAA MAAAAA!!! Don’t YEEEEVVVE!!” it occurred to me that perhaps I was getting something right after all. 

For parents of biological children, a child pulling a stunt like that causes concern that they have separation anxiety.  For someone like me, it gives me comfort to know that the boy has formed an attachment, and sincerely feels a bond with his mommy.  Even though he is freaking out, he knows that when the day is over, Mommy will be at home making supper and handing out kisses for free.  

So the morning didn’t work out so well.

So I had to make an extra trip to the school.

But I felt like a Mommy, and a pretty normal one too.


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